Teenager Injures Multiple Officers

A 17-year-old Salina resident is facing charges after a physical altercation with officers early Sunday morning.

Salina Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that officers responded to reports of someone kicking in a back door in the 1700 block of Sycamore Ave. sometime around 1 a.m.

Officers arrived and met the 17-year-old male, who was exiting out of the front door. The male ignored officers and got into a fighting stance. A physical alteration between the teenager and officers began. One officer was allegedly headbutted and kicked, while another broke their thumb in the fight.

The teenager was eventually arrested. His mom reported that she had heard the teenager in a heated verbal argument with his girlfriend in the basement of the residence earlier in the night. The suspect had allegedly taken the 16-year-old girlfriend’s phone and refused to give it back. The suspect the started to damage items in the basement. His dad removed him from the house, but that’s when the teenager broke the back door with a metal barbell. Also in the commotion, he allegedly flipped the kitchen table and headed out the front door. That’s when officers arrived.

The suspect, who was found to be under the influence of alcohol, is facing charges of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, assault of a law enforcement officer and interference with a law enforcement officer among many others.