Teenage Tirade

A tirade by a teenager at St. Francis caused over $1,000 in damages to their facility.

Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that officers were sent to St. Francis, 1813 S. Ohio, on Thursday evening in regards to a teenage who was out of control.

Officers made contact with the suspect outside of the facility and noticed that the window south of the west entrance was broken out.

In talking with Sarah Schulte, 22, an employee at the facility, she alleges that the suspect became angry during a conversation with Schulte and began to call her names and threatened the worker.

Schulte left the room when she heard glass shattering. Schulte then witnessed the suspect throwing chairs. The suspect attempted to leave and kicked the front door–damaging the tint on the door–while also damaging curtains and a computer cord in the facility.

Authorities arrested 16-year-old Elizabeth Stanley-Townsend and charged her with criminal threat, felony damage to property, battery, disorderly conduct and intimidation of a witness. She was taken to the juvenile facility in Junction City.

Damage to the facility includes over $1,600 in damages.