VIDEO: Salina Teen Wins Santa’s Stash

A Salina teen is taking home “Santa’s Stash”.

15-year-old Shawna Rohrig was among 16 finalists who qualified to be a part of the grand finale of Rocking M Media’s “Santa’s Stash” event on Saturday.

“Santa’s Stash” was a locked box full of cash. The box was on display at various locations around the area. At each location, guesses of how much money is in the box were taken. The closest guess at each location became a finalist.

Rohrig entered her guess which qualified her as a finalist when the box of cash was at Vanderbilt’s in Salina.

At the event Saturday, each finalist had the opportunity to change their guess. Fortunately for Rohrig, who was at the event with her mother, she changed her guess. She changed her original guess of $3,682.55 instead to $3,613.42.


Her new guess was just 19 cents off from the actual amount of cash in the box, $3,613.61.

Rohrig told KSAL News her heart was pounding when it became evident her guess was going to be one of the closest.


Rohrig, who is a sophomore at Salina South High School,  says she plans to use the money to have some work done on her car, and to take a vacation to Kansas City. She plans to save some of it as well.

Major sponsors of “Santa’s Stash” included the Salina Central Mall, First Bank Kansas, and the Rocking M Media Salina group of radio stations.