Teen To Be Tried As Adult

A 17-year-old boy who is one of 6 people accused in the shooting death of a Salina South High School student will face charges as an adult.

Andrew Woodring appeared in  court in Salina Monday afternoon, in front of Judge Renee Young. Young had been contemplating her decision following a hearing a couple of weeks ago.

Judge Young cited several reasons for her decision to allow Woodring to be prosecuted as an adult. She cited an extensive criminal history that includes among other crimes felony drug crimes, criminal damage to property, felony theft, criminal trespassing, and obstruction. She also noted that Woodring has spent time on two different occasions at juvenile facilities, followed by programs that include counseling and anger management, with no change in his behavior.

Judge Young said that Woodring continues to demonstrate that he cannot be managed by the juvenile system. She said that back on June 9th he was “involved in a plot to riot and escape” from the juvenile detention center in Junction City where he was being held.  She also noted that he was under house arrest when his latest alleged crimes were committed, including the fatal shooting.

Woodring will be immediately transferred from the juvenile facility in Junction City where he was being held, to the Saline County Jail.

Judge Young told Woodring that the “protection of the community requires that you be prosecuted as an adult”.

Woodring will face charges that include:

  • 1st degree murder
  • attempted 1st degree murder
  • shooting at an occupied vehicle
  • conspiracy to commit aggravated battery
  • obstruction

Woodring is one of 6 people accused in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Allie Saum, who was shot and killed on May 6th in what prosecutors allege was a case of mistaken identity. Police said that the shooting was prompted by a fight earlier in the evening. A group of people went out to seek revenge. One of them mistakenly identified a male in a pickup that was driving by as being involved in the fight. Shots were fired at the truck as it drove eastbound in the 500 block of Russell. Saum was also in the truck, and was hit in the head.

The other defendants in the case include:

  • 21-year-old Azucena Garcia-Ferniza
  • 22-year-old Macio Palacio
  • 19-year-old Jerome Forbes
  • 19-year-old Daniel Sims
  • 18-year-old Stephen Gentry

All, with the exception of Garcia-Ferniza are facing the same four felony charges of 1st degree murder, attempted 1st degree murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle, and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. Garcia-Ferniza  is facing a single felony charge of obstruction.

The Saline County Attorney’s Office is preparing formal charges which will be read against Woodring Tuesday morning. At that time a preliminary hearing will be scheduled, and bond will be set.

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