Talk About a Real Miracle

Recently my wife and I saw the new movie “Miracles from Heaven”.

It was good and we both enjoyed it a lot.

As we left the sold out theatre, it occurred to me that here is a PG rated movie with no sex, no violence, no vulgar language.  It’s not animated and there are no huge special effects.

It is just a very inspiring story based on true events that is well written and well acted.

And what did I notice at the end?  It is a Sony and Columbia Pictures movie.  A couple of the big boys in the motion picture industry.  Generally, movies like this are released by much smaller studios, not a major studio.

So…maybe, just maybe, Hollywood is finally figuring out that there is an audience and money to be made from good, wholesome movies.

IF that is the case, well my friends, that would be a real miracle.