Taking Home Santa’s Stash Again

Second verse, same as the first. A Salina woman is taking home “Santa’s Stash” for the second year in a row.

28-year-old Kylie Tracy was among a group of finalists who qualified to be a part of the grand finale of Meridian Media’s “Santa’s Stash” event on Saturday in Salina.

“Santa’s Stash” was a locked box full of cash. The box was on display at various locations around the area. At each location, guesses of how much money is in the box were taken. The closest guess at each location became a finalist.

At the final event Saturday at the Smoky Hill Museum, each finalist had the opportunity to change their guess.

Tracy’s guess was just 16 cents off the actual amount of $2,626.09 which was in the box.

Tracy told KSAL News she is going to use her winnings to “get a really nice gift for my parents, and probably put a little in savings”. “I’m going to try to be smart with it,” she concluded.

Major sponsors of “Santa’s Stash” included the Smoky Hill Museum and the Meridian Media Salina group of radio stations.