Take a Trip on “Gunsmoke Trail”

The Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with similar organization’s in Wichita, Hays, and Dodge City, are launching the Gunsmoke Trail Passport. This road trip adventure guides visitors through towns immortalized in the legendary TV series “Gunsmoke.”

According to the organization, a timeless classic, “Gunsmoke” captivated audiences for 20 years, chronicling the tales of iconic characters against the backdrop of the Old West. Still airing on select networks, the show continues to capture the imagination, making the Gunsmoke Trail a journey into America’s frontier history.

“The Gunsmoke Trail collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to promote our cowboy stories and travel throughout Kansas,” said Julie Roller Weeks, Director of the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau. “As we approach America’s 250th anniversary and the World Cup in Kansas City, we believe this cowboy-themed adventure will captivate travelers both nationally and internationally today and into 2026.”

The Gunsmoke Trail is easily accessible through a mobile “passport” program, allowing smartphone users to check in at different stops and earn points for prizes. This innovative passport operates as a mobile app without the need for a download.

In Abilene, visitors can explore Wild West-themed locations like the Dickinson County Heritage Center, where they can learn about Marshal Wild Bill Hickok and cattle king Joseph McCoy. The Heritage Center showcases Abilene’s history as a booming Cowtown at the end of the Chisholm Trail, featuring attractions like the Wild Bill Hickok Bronze Statue and a replica of his famous gun.

For a taste of frontier travel, guests can hop aboard the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad. This historic train ride offers a glimpse into the past, allowing passengers to experience the thrill of traveling by train during Abilene’s lively Cowtown days.

Old Abilene Town is another must-visit destination along the Gunsmoke Trail, featuring the Chisholm Trail Museum and Interpretive Trail Center. Visitors can immerse themselves in the Old West ambiance, strolling the boardwalk, watching gunfight reenactments, and seeing can-can dancers at Alamo Saloon.

Don’t miss the Cowboy Art Trail, which celebrates cowboy attire by showcasing decorated Cowboy Boots honoring T.C. McInerney’s Drovers Boot Store from the 1870s, the Big Spur, and the World’s Largest Belt Buckle.

To learn more about the Gunsmoke Trail program and sign up, visit KansasGunsmokeTrail.com or call 785-263-2231.