Tag Reader Helps Cops

The city’s new license plate reader cams helped police locate a stolen vehicle and the suspect inside.

According to Police Captain Paul Forrester, on Saturday a tag reader camera alerted patrol offers that a stolen U-Haul truck from Wyoming was driving in the area of Broadway and University Place. An officer located the vehicle and made contact with 53-year-old Michael Keck.

Police say he had a medical incident and was transported to the hospital for help. A short time later he removed all the medical sensors from his body and ran from the ER.

Officer found him hiding in a restroom and took him to jail.

A search of the U-Haul revealed a .22 caliber pistol with the series number scratched off and psychedelic mushrooms. Keck is now facing numerous charges in Salina for attempted escape from custody, defacing a firearm and drug possession.

He’s also facing possible charges in Cheyenne, Wyoming in connection to the stolen U-Haul.

According to Forrester, 14 of the authorized 22 tag readers have been installed around Salina.