Tabitha Bewitches Fans in Salina

She didn’t twitch her nose and magically appear, or fly in on a broomstick. And as promised, no one was magically turned into a monkey. But a well-known witch is in Salina. Erin Murphy, who starred as Tabitha in the classic sit-com “Bewitched”, is hanging out at the 36th Annual Leadsled Spectacular car show.

Murphy tells KSAL News that she really didn’t know what to expect when she was asked to appear in Salina. She had never even been to a car show before, much less signed autographs or met fans at one.

Murphy appeared to be having a great time in Oakdale Park Saturday afternoon, talking with fans, posing for photos, and signing autographs.

“Bewitched” aired from 1964 to 1972. Murphy played the role of Tabitha, the young daughter of Darrin and Samantha Stephens. While Darrin was a normal human, Samantha was a witch. Tabitha inherited some of her mother’s mystical powers.

Murphy says that she has nothing but fond memories of “Bewitched.” Some of the best memories involve animals on the set. “There would be ponies dressed as unicorns, it was all crazy and fun,” she chuckled.

Murphy says that life as a child star was actually pretty normal for her. She said “I guess I was lucky. I’ve heard stories of kid actors who didn’t have a great experience, but it was fun for me. I worked with wonderful people. I’ve had a great life and a lot of it was because of being a kid actor.”

After “Bewitched” ended Murphy stayed active in the entertainment business, but at the same time she went on with her life. “It was all I knew, I continued to do commercials, but I went to high school and college, I really was pretty normal,” she said.

But it hasn’t all been normal. Murphy says that there have been some crazy moments. She said with a grin “I did a show a few years ago called ‘Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling’, I never thought I would be a wrestler!”

While she has stayed active in the business, working on TV shows, films commercials, and most recently even local theatre in Los Angeles, Murphy has been even more active as a mom. Her main focus has been raising six sons. She says that with the youngest being 13 she will soon have time to focus more on acting again.

In the short term, Murphy is focusing on meeting fans in Salina. The 2016 Leadsled Spectacular runs through Sunday in Oakdale Park.



Erin Murphy talks with a fan.

Erin Murphy talks with a fan.