Arrest Following High Speed Chase

A Salina man was arrested following a high-speed pursuit which reached speeds of 123-mph.

The incident began when witnesses contacted police after witnessing a 2005 black Ford Mustang speeding across town without its lights on Tuesday night.

An officer was in the area of Quincy Street spotted the suspect vehicle and started the pursuit at around 9:50 pm.

The suspect was chased by police and hit 100-mph around the area of Ohio and Magnolia. The suspect ran multiple stop signs and red traffic lights and police lost the suspect at around 9:56pm. After help from the Kansas Highway Patrol, the suspect was found at around 10:25pm on E. Bond.

The suspect hit 127-mph on I-135, and 123-mph on Magnolia and Belmont. Deputies were able to get the suspect to a complete stop on the 700 block of South 2nd st.

Sheriff Roger Soldan told KSAL, the suspect apprehended is 24-year old Corey Cantrell Jr. Deputies located a THC pen in the vehicle.

Cantrell is facing multiple charges of traffic violations, a felony of flee and elude, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.