Support For Kansas Restaurant After Anti-Muslim Post

Supporters are planning to flock to a Mediterranean restaurant in Wichita after a diner posted on Facebook that the eatery should be avoided because the owner is Muslim.

The post was shared and re-shared before it was removed from the social media site. Now, a group of Le Monde supporters have planned a meetup next week at the restaurant.

One of the event organizers, Ty Hostetler, says he’s a fan of local businesses but not of bigotry.

Le Monde is owned by Mohamad Krichati, an engineer who now lives in San Diego. It’s run by Krichati’s brother, Ghassan Hajeh, who moved to the United States from Syria in the 1980s.

Hajeh said he’s alarmed by the tone of the conversation in the country of late.

Associated Press information from: The Wichita Eagle