Superbugs and Super Bowl Beards

It was the night the Royals won the World Series and the Broncos beat Green Bay that I decided to grow it – the Broncos Beard.

I figured the Mojo would never get more “Mo” than that.

I admit it – I’m a Denver Broncos Fanatic. Grew up in Colorado, worked in Denver covering the Broncos on 560 ESPN and can’t get enough of that orange and blue!

The beard is just my weird commitment to keep the faith all the way through the final ticks of Super Bowl 50.

Now a bonus to all those beards out there, Scientists in Britain say that men’s beards could help develop new antibiotics to help kill so-called “superbugs.” Researches found at least 100 types of bacteria growing in beards – and those could be used someday to kill harmful bacteria that have grown resistant to antibiotics already in use.

I wonder if an elixir can be found that can stop the Panthers’ QB from making Broncos fans sick on Sunday night?


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