Students Eligible For Micro-Internship Program

The state’s public colleges and universities (including Salina Tech) have partnered with a micro-internship firm to create a program that connects students with short-term employment.

A new partnership between the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Kansas Board of Regents, the DeBruce Foundation and micro-internship firm Parker Dewey is aimed at helping college students gain real-world experience and get a foot in the door with potential future employers – and earn some cash.

The micro-internships are for specific short-term projects or tasks an organization needs done, said Alisha Jester, Director of Business and Community Partnerships at Salina Tech.

Students in any of the college’s programs are eligible, Jester said, depending on the nature of the project. It could be something like cleaning out and organizing a tool crib, or doing the marketing for an upcoming event,” Jester said. “The Parker Dewey platform will help businesses find a student with the needed skills.”

The program is open to students at any of the state’s 32 public colleges and universities. The program is also available to recent graduates, Jester said.

Because many projects can be done remotely, organizations don’t need to be in the Salina area to take advantage of the opportunity.

“For the company, this is a low-stakes opportunity to try out a candidate and evaluate whether they’re a good fit for each other,” Jester said. “It’s also a great option for smaller organizations that may need a little extra help but aren’t ready to add a permanent position to the payroll.”

For any given organization, the first two micro-internships are free; after that, businesses coordinate with Parker Dewey to set their project prices.

“For students, it’s a way to gain experience they can put on their resumé, and make connections that can lead to a regular job,” Jester said.

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Students interested in learning more about the program or to sign up can go to

Organizations interested in learning more about the Parker Dewey internship program can contact Jester at 785-309-3152 or [email protected]