Student Creativity Rewarded

This Halloween, Lebold Mansion owner Joseph Tatner again sponsored a pumpkin-carving contest for Abilene Middle schoolers, and their pumpkins were proudly displayed on the porch during the Lebold Mansion Haunted Halloween event.

According to mansion staff, on Thursday Tatner handed out prize ribbons and gift coupons donated by their favorite local food businesses: Tossed n Sauced, Original Grande, McDonalds, Arby’s, and Sips. First place winners received $15 coupons from each participating restaurant, $10 coupons for second place, and $5 for third place per coupon (some coupons were scratcher cards or free meals). All participants received a bag of Lebold Leeches (gummy worms) and other candy.

Mr. Tatner drove his Tatmobile to the school to hand out the prizes personally. The following students were awarded prized:

  • First Place: J. Richardson.
  • Second Place: A. Lara.
  • Third Place: M. Tate, R. Rennington, and M Vidler.

The previous day, Tatner visited Abilene High School to thank the Art Class students who chose to draw the Lebold Mansion. The ink pen and water color drawings were superb. Thanks to middle school Art Teacher Mr. Callis and high school Art Teacher Mr. Meyers.