Storm Spotter to Speak

A well-know area storm spotter will be the featured speaker at an event this week.  If storm clouds are brewing in the distance, warnings are blasting on the radio, and your phone is angry with severe storm warnings, you will find  Henry Diehl  sitting calmly in his truck by the side of the road, staring down danger – eyeball to wall cloud – with absolute calm.

Diehl has monitored storms in this area since 1976, as long as the Smoky Hills Audubon has been having programs. He will be the featured speaker at the organization’s February gathering.

All those years Diehl has been providing life saving information to the National Weather Service. Back when storm danger was reported in much less sophisticated ways, he has studied the clouds, scanned the horizons and kept his cool demeanor.

Smoky Hills Audubon programs are free and open to the public and take place in room 229 in the Peters Science Hall. You may come early and meet the speaker at 7:00 with the program beginning at 7:30. The program with Henry Diehl is this Thursday.