Stolen Van Helps Police Solve Several Cases

Salina police and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a case involving a 2003 Dodge Caravan Van reported stolen between December 23rd. and 24th. from Bergeson garage at 520 West North Street. The van belonged to the Best Cab company.

A Saline County deputy spotted the van late in the afternoon of the 24th. After a chase the van was found in an alley and foot prints in the snow led to a house at 118 South Chicago.

Three search warrants were obtained and upon entering the house officers found property reported stolen in Texas and North Carolina. Drugs were also reported found.

Arrested were 37-year old John Boase, Jr. of Salina and 32-year old Adam Lloyd Branstetter, said to be homeless. All had various warrants out for them. Police believe their arrests may clear other crimes currently under investigation.