Stolen Truck Involved In Jefferson County Chase

An Oskaloosa man stole a truck in Saline county then was involved in a chase in Jefferson county.

Saline County Sheriff Rodger Soldan told KSAL News about the following interesting chain of events.
On E Campbell Rd. a 1997 Nissan Frontier Pickup was stolen from a garage at 3:12 AM Saturday morning, according to video surveillance. The owner woke up and noticed it missing then called the Sheriff’s office around 8 AM.

Later: The vehicle was involved in a high speed chase with Jefferson County Sheriff deputies and Kansas Highway Patrol officers.
Sheriff Rodger Soldan said the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office received a call about a suspicious vehicle in a continence store parking lot. When a deputy arrived the pickup took off and started the chase. Eventually Kansas Highway Patrol became involved and had to use a Pit Maneuver to disable the vehicle.

The truck is valued at $3,500 but it’sĀ current condition is unknown.

The driver was identified as Gaige Jackson a 27-year-old from Oskaloosa KS.

In Saline County Jackson will be facing charges of Felony Theft and Burglary.

The Kansas Highway Patrol and Jefferson County Sheriff’s office will most likely be pressing charges as well. What those charges will be is currently unknown.