Stolen Truck Found, Contents Still Missing

A vehicle that was stolen at the beginning of the month has been found.

Captain Paul forrester of the Salina Police Department tells KSAL staff that November 4th was the last time a 25-year-old Salina resident had seen her 1995 Chevrolet 1500. It was towed to the Airliner Motel located at 781 N. Broadway around the 4th and she was of the understanding it was inoperable until it came up missing. The woman thought she would be able to find the vehicle with the help of some friends so she didn’t make a police report immediately after finding it missing. After some time passed she called on the Salina Police Department for help. The officer taking the report searched a database looking for any Police interaction with the truck and found an incident report from November 5th. Officers had been called to the 400 block of Forrest Ave. where the truck was parked on private property owned by Feldkamp’s furniture. The officer went back to the property and the truck was still there.

The truck was valued at $1,600

There are multiple items from inside the vehicle still missing including 4 tires in the trunk valued at $700, a Samsung phone valued at $300, a black toolbox $50, and her grandmother’s pearl ring valued at $100.The Kansas license plate reading 495 RJY was also stolen.

The ignition had been punched doing $100 in damage.