Stolen Driver’s License Recovered

A Chicago man is back in possession of his driver’s license after it was allegedly stolen Friday night.

Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL News that deputies were sent to a motel parking lot on Friday night to find 23-year-old Keyshawn Edwards. Edwards is on the October list of Salina’s Most Wanted  and had five active warrants out for his arrest, including one for felony theft.

Deputies tracked Edwards down in the lot, and he was arrested. In the process, a driver’s license not belonging to Edwards was found with his stuff. It belonged to Zarkpa Bohn, a 28-year-old Illinois resident staying at the motel over the weekend. Sheriff Soldan said Bohn had left his wallet in his pickup truck overnight, and Edwards got into the truck and stole it.

The license and other things in the wallet were returned to Bohn.