Stolen Child Returned; Salina Man Arrested

A Salina man was arrested yesterday after allegedly stealing an infant from a residence.

Police say that 30-year-old Brandon Loder of Salina got into an argument with a female acquaintance on Tuesday night. Loder is alleged to have during the incident beat another man in the home, picked up the acquaintance’s infant daughter, and left.

Loder could not be located for nearly 24 hours, but then he brought the child back to the residence at 2:30PM Wednesday. He then sent threatening text messages to the mother.

thursday evening, Loder was located in a vehicle as a passenger on the 600 block of Santa Fe. When police attempted to open the doors on the vehicle to arrest him, he locked the doors and refused to exit the vehicle. Police broke open the windows to the car and arrested both Loder and the driver of the vehicle Amber Gray, 29.

Gray is charged with obstruction of justice while Loder is charged with two counts of criminal threat, interference with parental custody and false reporting of intended action.