Stolen Car Located in Manhattan

Salina Police are using video images to try and apprehend a car thief who dumped a stolen vehicle in Manhattan.

Police Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that Monday afternoon, a member of Planet Fitness on South Ohio had finished her workout and was preparing to leave when she noticed her keys were missing from her locker.

Next the 20-year-old walked out the door to discover her 2017 Kia Forte was gone. While talking to officers about the car, she got a fraud notification call from her bank that someone was trying to use her card to make a purchase at Target on Market Place. Later that night an ap on the Kia’s key fob pinged the car’s location in Junction City and then Manhattan. Riley County Police contacted SPD Tuesday morning after they located the abandoned car.

Video from Planet Fitness and Target both show a white female with brown hair dressed in a black tank top and black leggings. Video also suggests the woman was dropped off at the fitness center on Monday by someone driving a silver Honda Civic.

Police say the Kia Forte is valued at $18,000 and was returned undamaged. The victim’s roommate also lost her set of keys which were in the car.