Stoked to Play with Piano Guys

Playing the violin feels like flying to Elias Nichols.

The 17-year-old member of the Salina Youth Symphony will land on stage at the Stiefel Theatre Tuesday night to perform with the Piano Guys.

A tryout led to the opportunity he could not pass up. “When I received that email I was just stoked, it was so amazing!”

Nichols, who has been playing violin in the Smoky Valley school district since he was in the 4th grade said the choice was easy. “The very first day we were introduced to all the instruments of the string section – I saw the violin and I knew right away that’s the one I want,” he said.

Nichols auditioned and earned a slot to play on stage with the eclectic group known as the Piano Guys Tuesday, December 13th at 7:30pm along with several other members of the youth program.

Nichols joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra Monday, performing “O Holy Night,” and added the rewards of a musical journey is worth taking those first few steps.