Steve Hanson Selected to Kansas Music Hall of Fame

A man who has been a part of the music scene in Salina for over a half-century has been selected for the Kansas Music Hall of Fame.

According to the organization, the following recipients have been selected to receive awards and induction into the Hall of Fame for 2022:

  • Crosswind (Manhattan),
  • Slate Creek Band (Wichita)
  • Switch (Dodge City)
  • Moreland & Arbuckle (Wichita)
  • Alferd Packer Memorial String Band (Lawrence)
  • Carol Spears (Lawrence)
  • Stan Plesser (Kansas City)
  • Steve Hanson (Salina)
  • Janelle Monáe (Kansas City)

Steve Hanson is this year’s recipient of the Bob Hapgood Award, named after KSMHoF Board Member Bob Hapgood, a 2006 inductee with his band King Midas & The Muflers. Bob was also a longtime radio deejay from McPherson, KS. Each year, this award is given to a deserving venue owner, radio deejay, booking agent, music store owner, music teacher, important musician or musical act from a less populated area of the state that might not otherwise be recognized by the voting membership at large.

Janelle Monae is this year’s recipient of the Bill Lee Award, named after KSMHoF founder Bill Lee. The Bill Lee Award recognizes potential inductees currently active and deemed worthy by the KSMHoF board for early induction, especially those with a significant national/international profile. Standard rules for potential KSMHoF inductees include having started their careers in the field of music at least 20 years ago. The Bill Lee Award allows for possible exception by the board of that 20-year ruling.

The Kansas Music Hall of Fame was established in August 2004. The mission of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame is to honor the music, musicians and related institutions that have made a significant contribution to Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area. Our purpose is to recognize those of the past, present and encourage those of the future.

The hall of fame is planning a virtual induction ceremony on Saturday, July 30th at 7:30 pm on