Steps to Dog Park Continue

An upcoming meeting could lead to finalizing plans to construct a dog park in Salina.

Animal Service Manager Vanessa Cowie from the Salina Animal Shelter tells KSAL News that the final location is still in play, even though Salina’s East Crawford Recreation Area has already been recommended.

The Parks and Rec Advisory Board will be meeting on January 20th at 4pm in Room 107 in the City/County Building. According to
Cowie, the dog park project is on the agenda.

A recent field trip by members of the Salina Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to seven possible sites for a new dog park sparked conversations that could lead to final approval of the project – or more directions. “It may be reaffirming the original recommendation, it may be proposing a new one,” Cowie said.

“We’re just following the process at this point.”

Back in July of 2015, following months of planning and public input – a portion of Salina’s East Crawford Recreation Area was recommended as the location of choice over Indian Rock Park and Jerry Ivey Park.

The site, south of Dean Evans Stadium, is east of the southern end of the former runway. The land is in part of an area that in the past was utilized for yard waste disposal.

Cowie says that the dog park will be privately funded, and the money has already been raised. Once the park opens, it will fall under the umbrella of the Salina Parks and Recreation Department, and will be maintained by the city.