Business Scammed Out of $1,257

An unusual cyber crime took place this week as a scammer rerouted an employee’s check.

Saline County Sheriff Rodger Soldan tells KSAL News an individual in the human resources department of an industrial business south of salina received an email from an employee asking to change their direct deposit information. When payday came around a 61 year-old employee never received his paycheck of $1,257. As officials looked into the matter they discovered that the individual had not requested to switch banks, but rather, a scammer had spoofed the employees email address and had the paycheck routed to their own bank account.

The business reported this incident to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office on Monday and did mention the 61 year-old employee received his paycheck and they are working to change the company policy for updating personal information as they continue to sort out this incident.