Some City Facilities Exempted From Conceal Carry

In a special meeting Monday afternoon, Salina City Commissioners exempted several buildings from the Kansa concealed carry law. 

Facilities where guns will not be allowed include the Salina Bicentennial Center, the Salina Animal Shelter, the general services facility,  and several of the water treatment plant buildings . 

Concealed guns also will not be allowed in the Salina Municipal Court facilty. 

Commissioners approved a four year exemption for the buildings.

The municipal court will be the only one of the facilities with electronic security. Salina City Manager Jason Gage said the other buildings while not having electronic security, still all fall under exemption because they have an adequate security plan. He added that the state law mandates that there be an adequate security plan, but does not define exactly what that is.

The Kansas Legislature passed legislation prohibiting many state and local government agencies from banning concealed guns on their premises unless they provide certain security measures. Counties and cities could get an six-month exemption from imposing the measure, but the extension expires Dec. 31. The new four-year exemption will replace the six-month exemption for the Salina buildings.