Solomon Farmer Re-elected President of Kansas National Farmers.

Solomon farmer Ray Kohman was re-elected to serve another term as president of Kansas National Farmers during their state meeting at the Rolling Hills Zoo on August 17.

According to the organization,  other officers elected were Ruben Zoller, Marquette, vice-president; Therese Seiler, Colwich, treasurer; Greg Stephens, Salina, secretary, and Joan Jackson, Mayetta, trustee.

Farmers attending also passed a resolution supporting legislation for the Right to Repair Equipment as an issue the state legislature should consider.  Greg Stephens, resolutions facilitator said Colorado had successfully passed this legislation. He also said motorcycle, electronic repair businesses, and farm equipment repair shops were supportive.

National Farmers grain specialist Therese Seiler was joined by Eric Harding, Hansen Mueller Company, and both expressed concerns about grain markets suggesting producers need to be ready to sell grains on rallies due to the world supply of grains, low exports, Brazil’s crops, and volatile markets due to the Russia Ukraine war.

Kansas National Farmers is part of the National Farmers Organization, a non-profit farm group specializing in bargaining and marketing grain, milk, livestock, and specialty crops for conventional and organic farmers.