SMC Receives Grant For Equipment

Salina Media Connection has received grant funding to help with equipment upgrades.

According to the organization, they received an equipment support grant of $5,000 from the William H Graves Foundation. The grant will be used to upgrade and add new equipment for editing and program development.

The new equipment will be used to improve the audio and video quality of programs including the city and county government meetings on Channel 20. Sound Innovations, Salina, is providing installation of an updated audio mixer and equipment to reduce echoing noise during meetings, according to Greg Stephens, SMC Management Team.

In addition to the audio equipment being upgraded, SMC has installed new digital camera’s and operational equipment for use during city and county meetings.

Stephens said there are over 1000 community Access stations across the U.S. with SMC operating uniquely as a separate non-profit organization funded through franchise fees the City of Salina receives from Cox Communications.  The franchise funds are used by SMC to operate as a community media makerspace and give students and local media producers a venue to showcase their work through Salina’s TV station, Roku, Apple TV, and YouTube.

Local programs and Salina stories and events along with city, county and USD 305 meetings are carried on Cable Channel 20 and 21. SMC also produces Spanish Connection, Tech Tuesday’s,  Strictly Salina, Artist Express, Your City in Action, FAQ by the Saline County Health Department, Kids’ Connection,  and other periodic Free Speech TV programs like Classic Arts and Democracy Now.

For more information on SMC programs, services or training, call 823-2500.