Sleeping With the Dogs

Part nomad – part scientist, Dr Greg Rasmussen slept under the stars and in the bush as he followed his passion in Africa, researching the Painted Dog.

Dr. Rasmussen, who is in Salina to speak at Rolling Hills Zoo tonight, told listeners during the KSAL Morning News on Wednesday that living in close proximity to the pack was the only way to gain knowledge.

“In the early days I would do that for months and months I would follow them using a radio collar and everywhere they went I would go and I would sleep as close as I could,” he said.

Dr. Rasmussen said he witnessed very unique traits in their social system.

“They have no hierarchy. Every dog gets a job and they are one of the few species that look after their sick in the wild.”

Dr. Rasmussen will be the featured speaker tonight for the Taste of Adventure dinner at the Conference Center in the Wildlife Museum at Rolling Hill Zoo.

According to the zoo’s  marketing director, Linda Henderson, the event is sold out.

Those wishing to learn more about African Painted Dogs can still attend an event Thursday morning at 11:00am at Rolling Hills Zoo.

Henderson says Dr. Rasmussen will be sharing his knowledge about the species with a group of students and space is still available for a few extra patrons.

For more information contact the zoo at 785-827-9488 ext. 117.

According to Rolling Hills Zoo, The Taste of Adventure is a chance for patrons to explore unique culture, history and cuisine of a different place and enjoy a presentation by an expert tied geographically to that culture and environment.