SJMS Historical Museum Remodel Begins

This past Saturday was a busy day on the St. John’s Military School Campus.

According to the school, there was a lot of activity in Linger Hall. With the help of 22 volunteers, they were able to move everything out and to three different locations.

Throughout the day, four trailer loads of artifacts were transported to a temperature controlled offsite storage facility. Many larger items, along with anything they might need access to during construction, were moved to the basement. They are also utilizing some space in the old school quarter master to store several display cabinets and larger furniture.

The move is in preparation of Linger Hall being renovated to become a museum. St. John’s Military School history and mission will be honored on the school’s campus through the establishment the museum. The facility will house historical uniforms and other memorabilia.

The school, which opened in North Salina back in 1887, closed this past May.  There were 14 cadets who graduates as part of the 131st corps St. John’s Military School.

Since closing, leaders of Saint Francis Ministries and St. John’s Military School entered into a collaboration which they say will “create a positive, empowering future for the school’s Salina campus.”

Saint Francis Ministries has agreed to take over the St. John’s campus and will lead a collaborative effort to establish future plans for the property. The campus will become part of the long-time Salina-based nonprofit that provides child welfare and adult services in six states and internationally.

St. John’s Military School Photo