Signing Up 100 Docs

The Salina Area United Way is unveiling a new campaign called ‘100 DOCS’.

“The untapped potential for giving is huge. This is a way to reach out to medical professionals on a personal level,” Executive Director Amanda Michaelis said.

The ‘100 DOCS’ represent 100 Doctors, whether they specialize in surgery, optometry, anesthesiology, psychiatry, or anything in between. “The idea is that I can meet with these professionals in a small setting and show them the impact their donation could make,”she said.

Michaelis’s ultimate goal is to increase campaign funds by having 100 doctors pledge to donate $1000 each year.

Michaelis was inspired by a ‘100 DOCS’ campaign done at United Way of Lower Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland.

“They planted the seed and Salina Area United Way took off growing,” she said.

The campaign could generate $100,000 each year, and Michaelis aims to have the 100 doctors on board with their annual pledge within the next two years. “We realize this is a large undertaking but are excited to think out of the box and develop these new relationships.”

Five doctors have already signed on and agreed to co-chair the campaign together. Dr. Rob Freelove, Dr. Bill Cathcart-Rake, Drs. Chris & Abbey Rupe and Dr. Tom Wilson are leading ‘100 DOCS’ along with their spouses.

“I know the untapped potential that the medical community has to provide relief and hope to our neighbors in need. The 100 DOCS Campaign will demonstrate that our dedication to fellow man extends beyond the exam room and into the pockets of our community facing the most adversity,” said Dr. Freelove.

Go to for more information, and to see the campaign’s progress.