Sign of Support

A sign supporting local law enforcement appeared Thursday morning in front of the the Saline County Criminal Justice Center.

A professionally made vinyl banner reading “God Bless Our Law Enforcement” was erected in a grassy area near the entrance to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and the Salina Police Department. The banner also has both a Salina Police and Saline County Sheriff badge on it.

The sign was left by an unknown person sometime after 7:30 in the morning.

Salina Police Chief Brad Nelson and Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski both tell KSAL News that they do not know who left the sign. Both also say they appreciate the sentiment, and would like to thank the person or persons responsible for the banner.

Officials told KSAL News that there is no official policy on signs outside the law enforcement center.

Law enforcement across the country have been under increased scrutiny following a couple of recent incidents in which suspects were killed by officers, followed by the shooting in Dallas targeting officers.