Sheriff’s Plan Calls for Savings with Staff Reduction

Sheriff Glen Kochanowski reacted to a story in today’s Salina Journal – that was centered on staff size and the use of the recently closed juvenile center.

The Sheriff tells KSAL News that he has been working on a proposal to shrink his staff, and find a way to use the old juvenile center for low risk weekend inmates, “We’re willing to give up 3 positions at this time,” he said.

“Which would save the county approximately $132,000. That’s why I wish I would have been included in the conversations yesterday, instead of having to read it in the paper and now try to explain what it is we are trying to do,” Kochanowski said.

According to Sheriff Kochanowski, the article included misinformation about a request for more staff that would add $375,000 to the payroll. The Sheriff clarified during a media briefing on Wednesday, “In the end run, we are going to be giving up 3 full time positions, not adding.”

The topic came up yesterday at a Saline County Commissioners study session, while the Sheriff was working at his office.

Kochanowksi says the new plan calls for a staff reduction, going from 110, down to 107 employees, but will still be flexible enough to serve weekend inmates in a safer and more efficient manner by using the juvenile detention facility.

The new plan could open space for inmates who are currently being housed elsewhere. According to the Sheriff, between October 21, 2012 and May 12, 2013, 784 weekend inmates were housed in the Saline County Jail.