Sheriff’s Office Warns About a Potential Scam

A scammer has been targeting the area with a clever scheme that have duped some out of several thousand dollars.

According to Undersheriff Brent Melander, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office has received a message about an individual who lost money when a subject posing as a delivery man came to the door with flowers and a goody basket with some sort of alcohol beverage.

The delivery man would say that they did not know the sender but that a card from the supposed sender would be coming a few days later. In order to accept the basket, the person receiving the basket would need to be an adult and would be charged $3.50 for a delivery fee only accepted by debit card payment.

When the individual would swipe their debit card, the delivery man asks them to enter the pin number to make the transaction official. When the person enters their pin, the scanner that the scammer uses saves that pin as well as the other card information giving the scammer full access to the debit card.

Melander says that an individual outside of Saline County was scammed out of $4,000 due to this scheme.

The Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to not accept unsolicited gifts when asked for any sort of payment, especially if its not from a known or reputable delivery service.