Sheriff Looking for Owner of Trailer

A traffic stop leads to the recovery of a stolen truck and the arrest of a Salina man.

A Saline County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped a truck that was pulling a tilt trailer early Tuesday morning just before 6am.

The driver was reportedly weaving in and out of lanes on K140 Highway near Niles Road. Deputies arrested 38-year-old Jason M. Wheeler of Salina after the tag on the truck checked out as a stolen vehicle owned by Royer Brothers Tree Service of Sterling, Kansas.

The company was clearing trees for Westar and had stored the truck in a fenced-in yard near I-70 and Niles Road.

Deputies are still trying to identify who owns the trailer and push mower the truck was pulling, plus the metal flowers and wire balloon basket.

Wheeler is facing charges that include vehicle burglary, felony theft and criminal damage.

Authorities are asking anyone who can identify this trailer and metal artwork to please contact the Saline County Sheriff’s Office at 785-826-6500.