Sheriff K: To-Do-List Before Retirement

Last week Sheriff Glen Kochanowski announced that he would not pursue another term as Saline County Sheriff.

Kochanowski, who has held the office since winning the 1996 election, joined in on the KSAL Morning News on Thursday with a look ahead.

“Come January 15th of 2017 I’ll walk out the door, I’ll go home I’ll probably relax for two or three weeks and then I’m going to have to find something,” he said.

“I’m going to have to find something to do because I don’t want to sit around the house twenty four hours a day and just vegetate.”

Now Kochanowski’s To-Do-List includes securing the Saline County Sheriff’s front lobby, and training room area while still maintaining an open door for the public to walk into his office.

“We looked at it last year and I did not have near enough money in my budget to do what needs to be done,” he said.

Kochanowski tells KSAL News that he’ll use the 2016 budget to place bulletproof glass in front of the administration office and make other improvements to secure the building.

“We’re going to look at trying to secure the front of the Sheriff’s Office. Now that does not mean that you come down there, you’re not going to get in,” he said.

“But people can still walk in and knock on my door and come into my office and talk.”

Sheriff Kochanowski grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and served in the U.S. Navy before joining the Salina Police Department. The 73-year-old has been in law enforcement for 51 years and has served as the Saline County Sheriff for 19 years.