SFHC Honored With Quality Awards

The Salina Family Healthcare Center clinic has been awarded several awards by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), recognizing the hard work our team has put into the community’s healthcare.

The first award, Health Center Quality Leader, is awarded to Community Health Centers that achieve top 30% best overall performance on a panel of health care quality metrics that included preventative care, cancer screenings, and chronic disease care.

The second, Access Enhancer, was achieved by increasing the total number of SFHC patients who receive at least one comprehensive service (behavioral health, vision, dental) by at least 5%.

The third award, Health Disparities Reducer, was given to SFHC for our work to improve care provided to specific underserved populations while maintaining overall quality and performance as a clinic.

The final award of the four, Patient Centered Medical Home, showcases SFHC’s continued approach to patient-centered care and continued work in care coordination and quality improvement.

“These badges recognize how everyone at Salina Family breathes life into our shared values of Excellence, Access, Social Justice, and Patient-Centeredness,” said Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kraft, MD.

“HRSA does not have an award for Education, but we have achieved these great things in patient care all while educating the next generation of healthcare professionals too!”