Senate Candidate Salina Event

A candidate for U.S. Senate is planning a meet and greet event in Salina this week.

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Mark Holland, will be in the large back meeting room at Martinelli’s in  Downtown Salina on Wednesday to meet and converse with the public.  Organizers say he will share his vision for the kind of Senate and Senator who will take action to support all citizens of Kansas and the Country, not just special interests. If you’ll be there for lunch as well as to listen, come at 12:00 for an early meal order.

Holland will also be at Ad Astra Books and Coffee from 2:30-3:45 for another opportunity to meet the candidate one-on-one.

Holland is a Father, Pastor, and Mayor, who aims to “put people over politics”.  As Kansas City Mayor, he oversaw $2.8 billion in private investment and rolled out innovative solutions to community problems, making government more efficient and effective.  As pastor, he served all people inside and outside his church, with the goal of community service.

He calls for morally courageous Senate leadership that works toward Kansas values, “rather than just following political winds”.

He will “work for real worker wages, funding hospitals and public schools, smart infrastructure investments, and stands for truth, not disinformation and lies”.

He can be contacted at