Secret Santa’s Give Away $50

Your favorite radio personalities hit the streets of Salina to give away $50! Clarke Sanders, Jeff Garretson, Pat Strathman, and Todd Pittenger, all agreed to be Secret Santa’s for The Joan Jerkovich Show.

…And they all turned out to be the best Secret Santa’s EVER!

Each of them took their commitment seriously, and each has a story to tell about their experience.

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Clarke said that he had 3 people he almost gave the money to before he settled on the final recipient. Could you be one of the people he passed over? But then, when Clarke did decide who to give the money to, the significance of giving an EXACT fifty dollars, leaves one to believe that God works in mysterious ways!

Jeff also took his role as Secret Santa seriously. He spent days looking and watching for someone needy to give the money to. Then, when he did give it away, he didn’t get the excited reaction…the big hug…nor the high five, he expected. But the best part of Jeff’s story is how he came to realize that in the true spirit of Christmas, it’s about giving and not receiving!

This is a super busy time of year for sports director Pat, but he ran into a needy recipient after a basketball game. Pat’s is a story of accepting others without judgment. His Secret Santa story tells of hard luck and tough breaks in life, then redemption. When the tears and a hug followed the giving, you know the money found a grateful recipient. It’s a touching story of giving without judgment this Christmas season.

Finally, Todd Pittenger shares his story of how he made his Secret Santa a family project. Together, they were on the lookout for someone to give the $50 to. While Todd passed over a couple of people for the money, he settled on the perfect person to give it to. Why? Because this person used the money, again in the spirit of Christmas, to pay it forward.

Each of these Secret Santa stories will warm your heart and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~
Joan Jerkovich

Joan Jerkovich, BCC Board Certified Life Coach

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