Second Downtown “Cash Mob” Approaching

The first one last fall was so popular they are doing it again. Another “Cash Mob” event is planned in Downtown Salina.

This coming Saturday, February 9th, Salina 2020 and Salina Downtown Inc. are co-hosting their second Cash Mob event.

Throughout normal business hours, shoppers are encourage to patronize stores, restaurants and bars, using their dollars to showcase ongoing support of Salina businesses during construction.

Shoppers are encouraged to patronize downtown Salina stores, restaurants and bars, during a time of year that is typically slow for retailers. While cash is always appreciated by retailers, it is not required for patrons to show their support of downtown businesses.

Salina 2020 is partnering with the City of Salina, Salina Downtown, and other private developers to redevelop downtown Salina with a new hotel, car museum, a family entertainment center, restaurants, shops, sidewalk art and more.

For more information on the “Cash Mob” event visit the Downtown Salina Cash Mob Facebook event page.