Second Arrest In Salina Murder Case

Police make a second arrest in connection with a Salina murder.

33-year-old Dane Deweese of Abilene was booked into the Saline County Jail Wednesday evening at 8:30 in connection with the murder of 27-year-old Kristin Tyler.

SPD’s Lt. Scott Siemsen tells KSAL News that Deweese came into focus a short time after Tyler’s body was discovered, “He was a person of interest from very early on,” he said.

Siemsen pointed to solid investigative skills from officers on the case. “Gathering the facts and any evidence we could – again the police work going into that to go through the interviews to be able to tie someone to the crime.”

Lt. Siemsen added that officers from the Salina Police Department, Saline County Sheriff’s Office, Abilene Police and Dickinson County Deputies all took part in the investigation and arrest made in the 900 block of N. Walnut at 6:10pm in Abilene.

Back on April 25th Tyler went missing. Her body was discovered on May 9th, just west of Salina on Stimmel Road below Interstate 135. Numerous law enforcement officers had been searching the area, and a sheriff deputy on patrol made the discovery.

Police at the time said that the body was not covered up or hidden, and appeared to have been there for some time. They believed that Tyler was killed on or around April 25th, and that she was killed in the area where here body was found.

On May 8th, police arrested 24-year-old Joel Heil at a motel in Abilene. He was initially a ‘person of interest,’ but later charged with murder. Heil is still in jail on murder charges, awaiting trial. At the time police said that more arrests in the case were anticipated.