Schools / Teachers Settle Contract Negotiations

Salina USD 305  and a group representing teachers have agreed on a new contract. The school board and NEA-Salina met for their second and final round of contract negotiations for the 2023-2024 school year.

According to USD 305, the teams agreed to the following changes:

  1. Added $1500 to the base salary
  2. Agreed to pay step and movement
  3. Added school counselors to the group of staff who receive special salary provisions
  4. Added two days of leave designated for bereavement
  5. Added five days of parental leave
  6. Added procedures to better facilitate the classroom discipline process
  7. Removed the sunset provision on the ability to work from home on teacher workdays
  8. Added $20/month to the employer health insurance contribution
  9. Excluded funerals from the blackout day provision for use of PTO
  10. Added procedures to allow NEA-Salina more efficient access to the bargaining unit information
  11. Made clarifications to the longevity provisions
  12. Created a joint committee to study and make recommendations on lunch schedules for teachers during the 23-24 school year

Now that the teams have settled, next steps will be teacher ratification and a vote of the full Board of Education.