School Officials Let Popular Student Get Away With Bullying

This father wants to do the right thing by his son who is being bullied by the popular kid at school, but he also wants to work within the system of school administrators in a reasonable way. He’s not about making waves; he just wants to protect his son.

Ed first heard from his son about the bullying. Soon after, he found out that the school officials knew his son was being bullied at school, but he was never notified.

As this father delved deeper in to the issue, he came to feel like this bully was “getting away with it” because his parents are very involved in the school’s athletic programs. The bully’s parents, in response to hearing that their son was being accused of being a bully, were heard to say that this was all because their son is “popular.”

When your child is bullied, and school officials know about it but don’t notify you, what is a father to do? Ed felt that the school officials weren’t taking the aggression toward his son seriously.

As taken from, when schools don’t take action against bullies, the entire climate of the school can be affected.

An environment of fear and disrespect develops. Students can begin to dislike school. School administrators who take the stance of “looking the other way” or “letting bullies off the hook” can leave students feeling insecure. All can adversely impact learning.

When action isn’t taken at our schools to address bullying, the students can begin to feel that their teachers and school principal don’t care about them as individuals. That, or they can be seen as ineffective in controlling the student population.

Eventually, school officials will be called to task and the community as a whole may get involved. Parents, like Ed, won’t stand for their sons going to school only to be bullied, and rightly so.

Parents won’t make excuses for the “popular kid,” or “star athlete,” or “involved parents.” Not when their child is experiencing aggression.

Bullying is bullying and we expect our school officials to protect our sons and daughters when in their care.

Listen this weekend to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” to my caller Ed, who talks about how he’s addressing his son’s bullying. Sadly, the school officials “didn’t take it seriously” to begin with. Now, however, relative to steps Ed has taken, they have no choice but to address this fathers concerns. Listen also to hear what the signs are that your child is being bullied at school.

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