School Bus Driver Fired For Leaving Kids Behind

A northwest Kansas school bus driver has been fired after leaving two young siblings locked in the bus, making for what one of them called a “bad day.”

KSNW-TV reports that the incident happened Monday in Hays, where 6 year old Kaden Dempsey and his 5 year old sister, Macey, were riding a bus for the first time.

Video from the vehicle’s camera shows the driver leaving and locking the bus at the end of his route without noticing Kaden and Macey sitting in back.

Macey is heard saying, “It’s a bad day. We’ll be on here forever.” Kaden replies, “Not forever, don’t say that.” He then suggests, “Let’s go back and take a nap until morning.”

The children were let out when another driver at the bus barn spotted them about 10 minutes later.