Scarves To Warm The Body And Heart

A three-block portion of Downtown Salina looked a little more festive Tuesday evening. Bright colored winter scarves were wrapped around trees and poles, stretching from Mulberry to Ash Streets.

The scarves were not decorations. They were gifts for those who might be trying to fight off the cold.

Each scarf had a small note attached to it, saying it was free for the taking. The scarves were left in an area of Salina where the homeless often travel, and would be a welcome bit of warmth from the cold.

The note indicated that the scarves were left by the Salina Shares organization.

The mission of Salina Shares is to share their time, their lives and their resources with the community. They invite individuals, businesses, churches and schools to participate in enriching the community by sharing what you can with one another.

What began as group outings for random acts of kindness, continues to grow into activities and outings with the intention of being a ‘sudden good break’ to those they meet along the way.

Salina Shares delights in releasing hope, impacting lives and affirming dignity.