Scammer Victimizes Salina Woman, Loses $7,400

A 75-year old Salina woman, received a call from scammer that said “they worked” for the Saline County Sheriff’s “department.”

According to Lt. David Villanueva, the scammer is known to be a “James Williams” from the Sheriff’s “department,” called the 75-year old on June 13th, at 3:45 pm.

“Williams” told the victim she did not show up for “jury duty,” and owed $7,400 for charges on “failure to appear on state and federal level cases.”

The 75-year old female was advised from the scammer, to make a full payment using bitcoin to “drop the charges.”

The victim then, retrieved the $7,400 from her bank and went to a bitcoin machine at the Dillons on Ohio. “Williams,” gave codes to the victim to enter into the bitcoin machine.

The 75-year old female entered the code and sent off the amount to an unknown subject. The victim later realized she was scammed and reported the incident to the Salina PD.

Lt. Villanueva tells KSAL, Salina PD advised the victim and the public, “the Saline County Sheriff’s Office does not take payments over the phone.”

The investigation is on-going.