Scam Alert: $11.5 Million as Bait

A rural Saline County man contacted authorities after receiving a scam letter from a bogus attorney in Canada.

Captain Jim Hughes with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office tells KSAL News that the 80-year-old read the letter he recently received and smelled a scam in motion.

The letter explained that the gentleman was in line for a portion of an $11.5 million dollar unclaimed life insurance policy if he would contact the scammer and keep their correspondence confidential.

The so-called attorney explained that the Saline County man shared the same last name of the former client and wanted to clear up the matter with his help, leading to a payoff for both of them.

The Sheriff’s Office is reminding citizens to stay watchful for offers that sound to good to be true, often they are criminals trying to get your money.

The entire scam letter was provided by the Saline Co. Sheriff’s Office and is here with names redacted from the text: