Saline County Vaccine Registry is Open

Health officials in Saline County have established a new registry system for those who want to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

According to the Saline County Helath Department, planning to receive your COVID-19 vaccine in Saline County just got easier thanks to a collaboration between Salina Family Healthcare Center, Saline County Health Department, and Salina Regional Health Center.

“We are so pleased that 900 people, most of whom are senior citizens, were able to receive their vaccine this week,” said Jason Tiller, Saline County Health Officer. “Now that we have more clarity from the state about how much vaccine we will have and how often it will be delivered, we’ve been able to create a more long-term sustainable solution to vaccine scheduling.”

Last week the County Health Partners opened 900 appointments, representing all 900 doses of vaccine available, and in under 30 minute every appointment had been claimed.

The new system works by way of registry. People who would like to receive a vaccine will sign up via the Vaccinate Saline County website website by clicking on the “Register for Vaccine” tab at the top of the page. The respondent will provide eligibility and contact information, which will be used to schedule their vaccination as supply becomes available. Once doses are received from the state, the staff at Salina Family Healthcare Center will refer to the registry and begin calling eligible individuals to schedule their appointments.

“This will enable us to start calling people to schedule their vaccine as soon as we know how many doses we will have available,” said Ann Feil, Salina Family Healthcare Center Chief Operating Officer. “We know people are anxious to receive their vaccine and we hope that this registry will allow everyone to sleep a little easier knowing that it is in their future.”

It is important to remember:

  • By registering for a vaccine, you are not yet scheduling your appointment.
  • SFHC will call you when vaccines become available.
  • Please do not call with inquiries about timeline to receive your vaccine or vaccine availability.
  • Only those currently eligible under the Phase 2 guidelines should register at this time.

Arrangements have been made for the Saline County Department of Senior Services, more commonly known as the Senior Center, to assist people in signing up online. Additionally, staff at the Salina Family Healthcare Center and Saline County Health Department are available to register people over the telephone.

“No single organization could do this alone,” said Tiller. “I’m so thankful we have such great community partners with which to collaborate and share resources.”