Saline County Sheriff Headed to Border

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall and five Kansas Sheriffs, including Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan,  will travel to the Southern Border this week  on Thursday

According to the Senator’s Office, the group will receive briefings, tours, and meetings with border patrol officials, within homeland security and the state of Texas. The trip comes amid the pending expiration of Title 42 and the growing fentanyl crisis that is wreaking havoc in Kansas and across the nation.

Marshall’s Office says in the past 14 months, more than 12,000lbs of fentanyl-related substances were seized from criminals at the southern border – much more made it over the border undetected. Additionally, overdose deaths from fentanyl-related substances topped all other drug-related overdose deaths in Kansas in 2021.

Kansas Sheriff’s making the trip include:

  • Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards
  • Jackson County Sheriff Tim Morse
  • Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden
  • Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan
  • Shawnee County Sheriff Brian Hill

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