Salina Woman Arrested after Shots Fired

No one was injured after a man and woman wrestled over a loaded handgun that discharged in a Salina home.

Police Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that 51-year-old Mary Jones was taken into custody following a Sunday afternoon incident at 1430 Beverly.

Police say Jones got into an argument over credit cards with 66-year-old Gary Johnson in his home at about 4:30pm Sunday.

The argument escalated when Jones grabbed a candlestick and threatened to hit Johnson – who in turn pulled out his loaded .22 revolver.

Three shots were fired into the ceiling as the two acquaintances struggled for the gun.

Police say the man locked himself in a room after the woman gained control of the weapon.

Jones left with the .22 and holster, flip phone and the candlestick.

Johnson contacted police and Mary Jones was arrested a short time later at her home.